The background for the mist theme is a picture of the bottom of Bridalveil Fall in Yosemite Valley that I took in the summer of 2005.

The Metro theme is a stylized version of the Windows 8 start menu, complete with full screen "apps" and a message box that takes up the full width of the screen.

A somewhat minimalist theme with no popups and a very striking white-on-black text layout with red accents.

And yes, that is me at Millerton Lake.

Photo Album Photo Album
Photo Album
Windows Cheerleader

Photo Album

The photo album is a collection of almost 20,000 digital photographs that I have taken since 2001.

Most of them are private, but some of the more interesting scenic or artistic ones are available to the public.

The project is written in node.js, AngularJS and bootstrap. (thanks to everyone at Geekwise Academy for providing some excellent classes!).

Windows Cheerleader Windows Cheerleader

Windows Cheerleader

Several years ago, I was talking with a colleague about Microsoft Windows, while he was trying to convince me of the benefits of Linux. After a while he accused me of being a "Windows Cheerleader", because it seemed I had nothing bad to say about it!

That conversation eventually led to the creation of the Windows Cheerleader blog, which was originally intended as a slightly tongue-in-cheek analysis of Micorosft technologies, but ended up being a catch-all place for me to make observations about the computing industry and software applications in general.

Steam Shift Steam Shift
Steam Shift
Code Project

Steam Shift

This small utility is something I threw together to quickly and easily move Steam games between libraries. Or, more specifically (and the reason I wrote it) to move games between an SSD and an HDD.

There's slightly more to it than simply moving the files, as the Steam catalog needs to be updated as well, but it serves it's purpose and I use it regularly.


The Code Project The Code Project

CodeProject Articles

I have written and published a couple of well-recieved articles over at the CodeProject.

The first of these was really nothing more than an exercise in theory: Writing a bubble sort using nothing more than windows batch files (not powershell!).

The second project was a component that replicated (and enhanced) the functionality of the Microsft Visual Studio "external tools" menu item, to allow C# developers to easily provide this functionality in their Windows Forms applications.

Web Design Web Design
Web Design
Mount Oso

Web Design

This was my first paid web design for a local pest control company. I used bootstrap with the jumbotron template, and added my own little twist to it... watch for bugs!

B & D Pest Control
Mount Oso Mount Oso

Mount Oso

In 2007, I placed a digital camera on the top of Mount Oso (California) and took four pictures of sunrise every day for a year. The whole project was completely automated, including everything from parsing a daily XML feed to determine sunrise time to posting images to my web server.

The camera was mounted to a radio antenna and connected via a 200 ft usb-over-ethernet cable to a pc housed in a repurposed storage container full of microwave transmission equipment. a script would run every morning, take 4 photographs and upload them to my webserver. visitors to the site could leave comments, vote on the best picture of the day and even download a small app that would update their windows wallpaper with a fresh sunrise every morning.

The project ran for a year, and I eventually took it down because the camera and other hardware was on private land and the lease with the landowner came to an end.

Mount Oso Sunrise
Start Page Randomizer Start Page Randomizer
Start Page Randomizer
Computer Repair

Start Page Randomizer

The Start Page Randomizer gives your browser the ability to start up with a random page from a list of your favorite web sites.

For the truly adventurous, you can choose to to be randomized to pages added by other users. Pick the categories you're interested in, and see what shows up! The optional work-safe filter allows you to randomize your startpage with complete confidence and you can even choose whether to allow other users to see your pages or not.

Start Page Randomizer
Computer Repair Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Computer repair, virus/malware removal and system upgrades in the Madera Ranchos area of California.

I don't make a living out of this, but if I can save someone the trouble of paying to have their computer fixed restored to factory settings by a major store, then that's good enough for me.


Computer Repair

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